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20 July 2010 @ 09:43 pm
I am returning, to organize what I haven't, archive what I can, and go over what I did--so long ago!

I'll probably do this 1-3 times a week, then close it down unless something changes.

My icon muse seems to have moved to some other world, happily inspiring someone else.

I might also include some recommendations for layout sources, resources, iconmakers I like for certain fandoms and subjects, maybe a few things about art and graphics!

Whether this becomes long term, I dunno.
18 March 2008 @ 09:50 pm
This LJ will be closed as of early June.

I haven't done enough here to make it worthwhile.

I will organize, and make a few summary posts of various icons.

I'll attempt to do this on weekends.

I've enjoyed doing this, but since I've barely caught anyone's eye, and am okay with posting in my regular journal occasional icons, I will transfer most over to my regular LJ sometime in April-May.
03 March 2008 @ 03:21 pm
palest_sepia will be closing sometime around April/May.

I need to reorganise the site, move some icons to Photobucket, the ones that are my favorites, and what I think are the best, organising them in some way, and posting them from there.

I've not been doing too much with the icons, sometimes because of tiredness from after work, sometimes from lack of energy to do so, sometimes the muse has been utterly silent, and besides it didn't seem my icons "caught on" much, beyond some very loyal folk whom I adore for their support. Getting a comment and a couple of icons taken made my day! I enjoyed what I made, and have some I've not shared here yet, so I might have 2-3 posts of newer icons to come before the end of March.

Also, my graphics program would crash once in a while, and that got to be annoying and tiring.

If you have any requests for me, I'll be happy to do some icons from my "known" fandoms...til the end of March.

After April, most of my newer icons will be integrated into my personal journal, normaltrouble...
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02 January 2008 @ 10:21 pm

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I am changing the look, at long last.

Stylesheet is by refuted...go over to this lj'er right now, and grab one of her stylesheets!! I recommend Noir or the purple one. She has very very clear code, and you can learn a lot about CSS/ HTML just trying to figure it out! It's fun!

I am of course, slowly but surely reconstructing it to my own nefarious graphics ends and means.

I am also working up the organizational energy to organize my galleries. Considering the state of general crazed chaos, it will take a month to do so!! Oy.

But it would be nice to start the year off with something nicely organized.

**also, if anybody is reading this, I will gladly do 2-4 icons for you, of any of my various shows/movies or even a theme. I'd love to get a feel for what people like.
15 October 2007 @ 09:08 pm

GA 1 GA 1
GA 2 GA 2
Hom 1 Hom 1
HOM 2a HOM 2a
HOM 3 a HOM 3 a

Take, credit, enjoy, comment...
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03 October 2007 @ 08:36 pm

Braytac Braytac
Daniel Daniel
O'Neill O'Neill

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